Rémi Flamary

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Here is a list of past and current students.

  • Ioana Boian, Analysing the granulation in red supergiant stars, with Andrea Chiavassa, Master final project, Erasmus, University of Glasgow, 2014-2015.

  • Ibrahim El Khalil Harrane, Periodic discrimination for multitemporal data, Master student, Université Côte d'Azur, 2015.

  • Ibrahim El Khalil Harrane, Distributed estimation over multitask networks, with Cédric Richard, PhD student, Université Côte d'Azur, 2015-2017.


This is a graph of co-authors generated automatically from my publications. The color of the edge depends on the number of published paper between authors.

Bibgraph M. Dalla Mura F. Yger J. Lehaire L. Laporte B. Labbé R. Flamary A. Habrard M. Barlaud C. Theys N. Jrad T. Corpetti C. Aime S. Rousseau C. Févotte M. Volpi N. Courty J. Zerubia J. Chen D. Mary X. Anguera G. Camps-Valls S. Déjean A. Ferrari M. Fauvel I. Harrane C. Lartizien S. Nakhostin R. Rougeot C. Richard R. Ammanouil R. Phlypo A. Boisbunon W. Gao M. Sebag D. Galano J. Mothe G. Gasso M. Cuturi E. Niaf V. Emyia S. Valero N. Oliver J. Huang A. Rakotomamonjy O. Rouvière A. Giros S. Canu D. Tuia M. Perrot J. Rose M. Congedo C. Ferrari

Colleagues and friends

Here is a list of people I work with or/and have a drink with during conferences in alphabetical order:

I may have forgotten a few of you, in this case, feel free to complain.