Rémi Flamary

Professional website


Here you can find a list of all the software and code that is available on my website. You can also checkout my Selected Softwares page that lists free and open source softwares that I use during my research work.

Research related toolboxes

  • POT, Python Optimal Transport library (Python).
  • DWE, Deep Wasserstein Embeddings (Python).
  • JDOT, Joint distribution optimal transportation for domain adaptation (Python).
  • AstroImageReconsCNN, Astronomical Image Reconstruction with Convolutional Neural Networks (Python).
  • OST, Optimal Spectral Transportation, musical annotation demo (Python).
  • Opt. Non-convex, Optimization with non-convex regularization (Matlab/octave).
  • OptTransp, Optimal transport toolbox with class regularization (Python).
  • FL-RS-SVM, Feature learning for remote sensing (Matlab).
  • IFL-SVM, Learning with an infinite number of features (Matlab).
  • RankSVM-NC, RankSVM solver with non-convex regularization (Matlab).
  • G-SVM, Linear SVM with general regularization (Matlab).
  • FilterSVM, Learning large margin convolutional filters (Matlab).
  • SparseMTL Sparse kernel multitask learning (Matlab).
  • USVM Probabilistic SVM learning with uncertain labels (Matlab).
  • Monqpcpp Quadratic Programming problem solver (C++).

General purpose sofware

  • SimpleSVN scripts GUI scripts to use subversion (tortoise like).
  • Webgen.py Python implementation of the webgen website generator.