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Domain Adaptation from shallow to deep learning tutorial

This is the page for the tutorial about Domain adaptation that I gave at the Peyresq signal and image processing summer school.


The support of the course can be downloaded here: [PDF]

  • Domain adaptation problem and generalization
    • Supervised learning, divergences and Optimal Transport
    • 50 shades of Data Shift
    • Generalization under data shift
    • The family of DA problems
  • Classical Domain Adaptation methods
    • Reweighting methods
    • Subspace and alignment methods
    • Other approaches
    • Optimal Transport Domain Adaptation
  • Deep Domain Adaptation
    • Domain invariant feature learning : one classifier to rule them all
    • Deep mapping approaches
    • Joint Distribution Optimal Transport (JDOT) and DeepJDOT
  • Domain Adaptation variants
    • Multi-Source DA
    • Heterogeneous DA
  • Domain Adaptation in Practice
    • How to validate with no labels ?
    • Reality check for DA


Domain Adaptation
Theory of Domain Adaptation
Domain Adaptation and deep learning
Practical Domain Adaptation