Rémi Flamary

Professional website

Selected Softwares

For my work, I'm using several Softwares and Tools. Most of them are Open source and can be found on MLOSS.org.


When working with Matlab, I use mainly:

  • SVM-KM: Open Source Toolbox for regression and classification (SVM, Kernel based).
  • SimpleMKL: Open Source Toolbox for Multiple Kernel Learning).
  • LibSVM and a slightly modified version that you can find here.
  • SPAMS A very efficient optimization toolbox for convex optimization (mainly proximal methods).


When working with python I use mainly:

  • Numpy/Scipy Efficient matrix and array processing (Linear algebra)
  • cvxopt A very good optimization toolbox for convex optimization.
  • sklearn Complete Machine learning toolbox


Concerning BCI interfaces, I use OpenVibe that is an Open Source C++ software and library.