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SimpleSVN scripts


These scripts are a list of simple subversion scripts modified from nautilus svn scripts.

Basically I just added pipes that can show you the evolution of the svn output without waiting for the final result. And the commit script was modified in order to be more tortoise-like (check the files to commit).

The name of the scripts is a tribute to both a really nice algorithm to solve QP problems and a Matlab toolbox from Gaelle Loosli that you can download here.


Current version: 0.4

Download : simplesvn-scripts.zip

Git repository : Repository


Required packages (debian): zenity

You can uses those scripts by command line and copy those into you local ~/bin folder.

You can use them easily in gnome/nautilus by copying all the files into the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts.

The files have to be executable.


This package contains::

  • Add Add the selected files
  • Add select Show a selectable list of the files for adding
  • Commit Show a list of modified files for commit
  • Update Update the svn folder

  • SVN Info Get SVN info in a text box

  • SVN Status Get SVN status in a list box
  • svn.xpm Icon for the zenity dialogs
  • SVN Folder containing other scripts